About US



Norm Weiss, the founder, and inspiration behind the Dixieland Jazz Express, plays the tenor banjo and is occasionally known to sing.  He has had a long-standing love of Dixieland jazz, the hot jazz of the 1920's, the Jazz Age.  He quips that not everyone will agree with him.

He once heard  someone say that their definition of hell is listening to the music of a banjo band for eternity.  Norm is hard-pressed to agree with that terrible sentiment.  He first became interested in this music genre while in college.  A friend dragged him to Jimmie Ryan's, a jazz joint in New York, and for the first time, he listened to Wilbur DeParis's New Orleans jazz band.  He heard the sound of the banjo, and it completely captured his imagination. After a lapse of many years during which Norm pursued a professional career (not in music), he came back to jazz music in 1978 when he began lessons with Roy Smeck, the Wizard of the Strings, who made the first sound movie in 1926.  His love for the instrument and the music has never diminished.  

When he is not playing the banjo, Norm is a practicing psychiatrist, married with three beautiful daughters and five and a half lovely grandchildren.


We as a band take great pleasure in performing the  Dixieland Jazz standards for our varied audiences.  Most people are familiar with at least some of the tunes especially those who lived during the times.  We enjoy keeping this wonderful genre of music "alive and kicking."

The melodies are uplifting, the rhythm is contagious and the momentum is irresistible.  So hire us to play for you, or listen to us at one of our several free concerts.